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Datastage Common Errors-Warnings and resolution

April 27, 2011 3 comments

1)When we use same partitioning in datastage transformer stage we get the following warning in 7.5.2 version.

TFCP000043      2       3       input_tfm: Input dataset 0 has a partitioning method other than entire specified; disabling memory sharing.

This is known issue and you can safely demote that warning into informational by adding this warning to Project specific message handler.

2) Warning: A sequential operator cannot preserve the partitioning of input data set on input port 0

Resolution: Clear the preserve partition flag before Sequential file stages.

3)DataStage parallel job fails with fork() failed, Resource temporarily unavailable

On aix execute following command to check maxuproc setting and increase it if you plan to run multiple jobs at the same time.

lsattr -E -l sys0 | grep maxuproc
maxuproc        1024               Maximum number of PROCESSES allowed per user      True

4)TFIP000000              3       Agg_stg: When checking operator: When binding input interface field “CUST_ACT_NBR” to field “CUST_ACT_NBR”: Implicit conversion from source type “string[5]” to result type “dfloat”: Converting string to number.

Resolution: use the Modify stage explicitly convert the data type before sending to aggregator stage.

5)Warning: A user defined sort operator does not satisfy the requirements.

Resolution:check the order of sorting columns and make sure use the same order when use join stage after sort to joing two inputs.

6)TFTM000000      2       3      Stg_tfm_header,1: Conversion error calling conversion routine timestamp_from_string data may have been lost

TFTM000000              1       xfmJournals,1: Conversion error calling conversion routine decimal_from_string data may have been lost

Resolution:check for the correct date format or decimal format and also null values in the date or decimal fields before passing to datastage StringToDate, DateToString,DecimalToString or StringToDecimal functions.

7)TOSO000119      2       3      Join_sort: When checking operator: Data claims to already be sorted on the specified keys the ‘sorted’ option can be used to confirm this. Data will be resorted as necessary. Performance may improve if this sort is removed from the flow

Resolution: Sort the data before sending to join stage and check for the order of sorting keys and join keys and make sure both are in the same order.

8)TFOR000000      2       1       Join_Outer: When checking operator: Dropping component “CUST_NBR” because of a prior component with the same name.

Resolution:If you are using join,diff,merge or comp stages make sure both links have the differnt column names other than key columns

9)TFIP000022              1       oci_oracle_source: When checking operator: When binding output interface field “MEMBER_NAME” to field “MEMBER_NAME”: Converting a nullable source to a non-nullable result;

Resolution:If you are reading from oracle database or in any processing stage where incoming column is defined as nullable and if you define metadata in datastage as non-nullable then you will get above issue.if you want to convert a nullable field to non  nullable make sure you apply available null functions in datastage or in the extract query.

Null function in oracle:NVL,NVL2